Best software for DVD 9 duplication?

But that’s not all, I actually have several questions, and okay, I’m probably posting to the wrong area but these are them :-

1/After labouring away with an old 4X burner for the last few years, I’ve finally ordered a new one, (Plextor 740A) and would like to start replacing my backups with DL copies. From what I’ve read some software has a hard time successfully producing a DVD 9 backup - what do you guys recommend?

I currently have DVDShrink, Nero 6.6 and 7 Ultra, DVD XCopy (obviously can’t do DL - but then neither could my old 4X burner) and CloneDVD2. I use AnyDVD as my decrypter.

2/I’ve heard that several brands of media are far more reliable than others, however the cost involved with some seem to make it cheaper to just buy a second copy of the movies and tv shows I want to backup. I also understand that certain brand name manufacturers actually have their media produced for them, and can often use more than one supplier.

I’ve finally figured that Ricoh media meets my reliability vs cost requirements, but finding it at local stores can be tricky, especially trying to identify if say, this box of Fujifilm DVDs is really Ricoh, or maybe that box of TDK - there is no Ritek (SP?) media in any of the stores I go to (Walmart, Bestbuy, CompUSA and several department stores) so could someone suggest a brand that nearly exclusively uses Ricoh media?

3/What have you guys experiences been recording DVD 9 media, is the new 8X stuff really on the market yet? Will the older 2.4X stuff burn at faster speeds, say 4X or 6X?

4/Who do you recommend as a reliable online source for media - I’ve seen several super-media style websites, but wonder how reliable they really are…

Thanks to anyone who can answer any of these questions…

Answer to question 1 only.

There is no better app for dvd 9 copying than Dvd Decrypter. Simply rip with Iso read mode and then write with Iso write. This produces a perfect uncompressed copy with the protection removed but with the layer break inserted at exactly the same point where it was on the original.

Although Dvd Decrypter is no longer being updated, since you have AnyDVD, it can be configured to be used with AnyDVD so as to deal with even the latest copy protections when making dual layer back-up copies. [Olli has explained the method to be used and you’ll find the explanation easily enough with forum’s search function. :slight_smile: ]

Cool, and from what I read DVD Decrypter is free, so I can try it out pretty much right away. Thanks, good info…