Best Software for burning Xvids and DivXs to DVD?

Hello everyone.

There are lots of options when it comes to converting Xvids and DivXs and authoring a DVD with them on.

My question is, which is the best software or method for doing so? I would like the best quality results possible.

Many thanks.

This question has been asked many times :slight_smile:

I personally use ConvertXtoDVD, but it’s not free. For a free option you could give DVDFlick a go.

I think it’ll be trial and error with a few programs to see which one gives results that will suit you. :slight_smile:

Just another suggestion: if you must do a lot of these conversions, and if you don’t have a powerful CPU to do the work, an easier solution is buy a standalone able to read also AVI files. There are many models available, not necessarily costly (some are really cheap and can read almost any video format) :slight_smile: