Best software for basic "drag and drop" burning?



I just upgraded to a new computer and am trying to figure out the best software to use for basic burning of data to CDs, occasionally copying an audio CD, etc. In the past I used to use Roxio’s Easy CD Creator on my old computer which seemed to work fine, but I’m leary of their new “suite” product - I don’t really want to install 500 different apps that I’ll never use, etc. If I want to be able to format a CD RW and “drag and drop” files like I could with Easy CD Creator, are my only 2 options basically Roxio or Nero? My new computer also has a DVD burner which I’ll probably start expirementing with soon so I’d like to have that capability as well. Can you guys point this newbie in right direction? Thanks!


Personal choice is Ashampoo Burning Studio 6. It can do most everything and the price is very reasonable. There is NO bloatware involved with the package. If you are patient-download the FREE trial and then they will offer a very attractive price for it and an upgrade to Version 7 :).


try out the Prassi/traxdata ONES version