Best software for backup



I know this has been posted thousands of times and it all depends on personal preference. So instead of a debate, I am hoping that some of you can post links to the best threads that have discussed this before. There was one particular thread that I read here or in that “other” forum where a member had tested each copy program.

Thank you in advance for your replies.



The best is a combinaton of DVD Rebuilder (free) and CCE (not free I think th ebasic version is $69.00 USD). The newest version of DVD Rebuilder (DVDRB) also has a couple of encoders included with the installation program that work excellent though not quite as good. heres ta link to the site to down load it
Use the installer it’s much easier and has the free encoders included. Be forwarned this is the Best but also the slowest way.

Next would probably be iIntervideo’s DVD copy 3 it is pretty fast and does an good job, especially if the quality is 3 or better.