**Best Software DVD Player(s)**

What would you guys say is the best software DVD player(s)???

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

orion studios directdvd

The old PowerDVD 4 works well with minimal CPU load.

I have used WinDVD for years but lately have been having alot of problems with it. glitchy playback because of sound issues. I finally gave up on it and tried PowerDVD 6 and it si very nice. no sound issues and I have to admit even the video quality is better.

Ive been using PowerDVD 6 lately too, I like it ok, but was wondering if there was a better one out there…

Preferably something that has virtual surround sound. :iagree:

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

I thought I recalled reading in the Spec’s for Power DVD Deliixe that is has a virtual surround sound mode in it.

I was going to give theatreTek a try but they dont appear to have a demo version to try.

I havent come across anything decent besides PowerDVD 6 and WinDVD…

Any Suggestions???

  1. Orion Studios DirectDVD 5.2 ES: Pro: Boat load of features both for video and audio. Nice for the tinker addict. Extremely high quality video and audio. Good compatibility with pressed DVDs and burned DVDs. Con: doesn’t support vcd, svcd. Save settings never stick. Uses a lot of resource. So many options that it is daunting!
  2. PowerDVD 5 and 6 Deluxe: Pro: Exceptional compatibility with all DVD formats whether they’re pressed or burned. Excellent Video. Good video and audio features. Resource usage is good. Con: audio quality could be better.
  3. WinDVD 6 Platinum: Pro: Excellent audio. Video slightly cleaner in appearance than PowerDVD. Sharper video than PowerDVD. Resource usage is about the same as PowerDVD. Good video feature but not as rich as those found in PowerDVD. Con: Compatibility issues with some vcds, svcds, dvds. I find it has issues with copied DVDs more so than PowerDVD.
  4. VideoLan: Pro: Excellent video and audio. Packed with audio and video features. A tinker’s dream. Uses very little resource than all the others mentioned. Exceptional compatibility with major and minor DVD formats, vcds, svcds, and other media files. This app is without a doubt the most flexible and universal. Plays almost everything. Free!!! Con: I don’t think that it fully supports realplayer media yet. Interface Gui isn’t as attractive compared to all others mentioned.
  5. Others that I don’t have experience with yet: BS Player, Zoom Player, Hero Player are supposed to be highly recommended as well.
  6. Media Player 6 and up. Most people generally have this installed on their computers already, so I won’t comment on it.

Please be advised that the listing is by no means an order of ranking or popularity. My opinions and experiences are just that. You can make up your own minds. I have no loyalty towards any one particular app. I will use whatever suits my needs for that particular moment.

Thanks Bro! You have answered my question! :iagree:

Pay: PowerDVD

Free: Media Player Classic and Videolan.

Some say the MPEG2 decoder in PowerDVD is the best there is. The free ones above are very good too.

I got Windvd4 with my dvd burner and I like it. I did get Windvd6 Platinum a couple of months ago.

I am having good luck with PowerDVD 6 & WinDVD 6. Can’t decide which one I like better, kinda leaning toward PowerDVD.

My vote goes to Power DVD 6.

Not just for DVD’s but also cause its bundled with a $hitload of other codecs and can now play stand alone vob files too. Awesome package, and unbelievably not bloated and doesn’t eat system resources.

PowerDVD6 deluxe at 18mb is defintely easier to download on a dial up connection. compared to WinDVD6 at a bloated 28mb

I agree gentlemen. :iagree:

Zoomplayer is my preferred player for all things media It does however need some serious configuration to get everything working perfectly. And you do need a decoder for it from some other dvd player like powerdvd or the free dscaler that doesn’t do css :frowning: