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so what encoding method is the best to use with dvdrebuilder to get the best quality? and how does the best encoding method in dvdrebuilder compare to clonedvd's method of encoding?

And also why wont i get the best results with dvdshrink rencoding?

does my burner and firmware support scanning?
tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h552b ga04


Most programs in the DVD Shrink category (I don’t know all of them, but if the program offers quick and easy dvd backups, it usually is) use some sort of mathematical trick to change the compression of the dvd. How well this turns out, depends on the source material and on your home cinema setup. On a good quality large screen you will notice the difference more.
DVD Rebuilder uses your choice of encoding modules (free, commercial or trialware) to re-encode the video stream from the original dvd. Depending on your choice, this can take a long time, but the end result is usually a lot better. Most experts agree that the CCE encoding module is the best option. You can set DVD Rebuilder to use 1-10 passes; the more passes, the better the end result will be, but after a certain number of passes the difference will be negligable. I use 2 passes if in a hurry, or 6 passes if I have the time and want the best result.


hmm i see, i sthere any tutorials for dvdrebuilder to set up the passes and everythin else. Is cce encoding module freeware?


You can read all about DVD Rebuilder here.


does dvdrebuilder let you rencode .transport streams to dvd???

Is CCE encoding free?

Is ffMeg a good encoder? That is what i use to rencode my transport stream files to dvd