Best software combo to rip, backup, and burn DVD



I’m pretty new to all this.

I really just wanted a simplified thread of what software(s) to use to:

  1. Rip DVD from original disc to a backup copy onto the hard drive… I want a 100% copy rip (including preserving original MENUS), preserving layer breaks,etc… I’ll be burning DL is necessary to acheive this… Also, in accordance with #1, is it better to rip as VOB type files or an ISO/image type file? What about with DL media? I notice a lot of the movies I have are double layer (7.5+gb on one disc)… Best way to rip these media so that when I burn them, they’ll be accurate?

  2. Removing annoyances – FBI warnings, audio commentary warnings, trailers, etc… Best way to remove these while preserving the integrity of menus and what not…

  3. Burning the backup disc. Best proggy to burn the backup as accurately as possible.

These programs dont have to be freeware. Pay-for programs are fine, I just want the easiest way. I dont want to have to sit for hours and go through thousands of steps just to rip the DVD to the HDD, etc…

  1. Any DVD and Imgburn

  2. VOB Blanker

  3. Imgburn do it in ISO Mode

However if you use Imgburn alone it won’t take out the fbi warning ect… VOB Blanker can do this but it’s not an ISO it’s files there isn’t a one program to do all you are asking I don’t think.


dr. who…how is he supposed to use anydvd and imgburn in conjunction with one another?


anydvd and clonecd will be a good bet for DL burning for 1:1 copies.
clonedvd will work if you want to remove content, but be warned that the layer break is compromises if you start messing with things like that. you can let clonedvd2 insert one automatically or you can do it manually in pgcedit. if you don’t remove items like warnings and such, clonecd will keep the layer break in the original position.

if you prefer working with images, rip with dvd decrypter in ISO>READ mode (with anydvd running in the background) and then burn the .mds file with ImgBurn.

as far as media stick with Verbatim. make sure your firmware is up to date.

DL burning has been rehashed over and over. do a search and you’ll find a lot of results. we can’t answer “what is the best software” since we all have different preferences.

(anydvd, clonedvd2, and clonecd can all be purchased from dvd decrypter and ImgBurn are both freeware)


Not sure the other forum I go to might tell me.

  1. Make a folder on your Desktop> call it Rip Movies

  2. Insert Movie in either DVD burner or DVD-Rom and click cancel when it asks you what to use to open the movie

  3. Open DVD Shrink> click Open Disc> Shrink does quick analysis

  4. Movie Only Option

a. Go to Re-author and Click

b. Under Main movie slide the main movie to the left under DVD Structure

c. You can now remove the languages you do not want and the audio you do not want.

  1. Go to Edit and click Preferences. Now you will see a Blue Box that says -" DVD-5(4.7 g.b.). Now Change that to Custom and to the right of that change the # to 4300. This will not now let you burn to the outer rim.

  2. Look under File I/O and make sure" Enable Burning with Nero" does not have a check mark in the box.

  3. Click Select Backup Target > click" Iso Image file
    ****Not “…and burn with DVDDecrypter”

  4. Select Target Image File> Browse>esktop> Rip Movie ( file you made)

  5. click O.K

  6. Now it will compress and encode your disk.

  7. When you get the “backup completed” notice from shrink, close the program

  8. Open your “Rip Movies” folder and right click on the ISO file you want to burn. Select “Burn with ImgBurn” from the windows menu.

  9. OR start ImgBurn and “browse” > “desktop” > “rip movies” and select the one you want to burn.

  10. ImgBurn will now burn your movie for you just like DVD Decrypter would.

Edited from a tutorial originally written by Carolina Mike for DVD Decrypter.

Edit: In step 12 - you may be able to double click on the ISO file to burn it if ImgBurn is your only ISO burning program. I didn’t feel like deleting all of my others to find out - sorry.

And these guys use any dvd running in the background too. You can do it S/L or D/L whichever you choose.

  1. anydvd+dvddecrypter

  2. anydvd + clonedvd


what i meant was that anydvd deals with files, ImgBurn is not a ripper and only burns images…

also i would NOT recommend using shrink for DL burning. as far as i know it doesn’t deal well with layer breaks…


oh I see sorry I missunderstood you I think they are using dvd decrypter to iso the dvd any dvd enables the image to the drive and use imgburn to burn. I may be wrong If so sorry again.


As said above the best method for making a 1:1 backup is AnyDVD & CloneCD, or AnyDVD and DVDDecrypter. As far as I know these are the 2 best solutions for keeping the layer break in the same place.

If you start to remove things (warnings etc) you will be messing with the layer break point.

Keep in mind that with DL burning, you will be using OTP, this means that Layer 0 starts at the centre of the disc and heads to the outer edge, layer 1 then starts where layer 0 ends and heads back towards the centre. This means that layer 1 cannot be bigger than layer 0, so if you place the layer break yourself you run the risk of getting it wrong!!


I’m not looking for a single software solution, as I know it will take multiple softwares to do what I’m looking for.

I used VOBBlanker on a dvd last night, and it failed to remove the FBI warnings and trailers and crap like that. Any reasons why? I clicked process all, and then process… And then… Nothing…

What’s the importance of layer breaks?


Layer break is a marker in the DL where video in the first layer (layer 0) is finished playing, the laser shifts focus to the second layer (layer 1) to play the remaining video. You might notice a very slight pause - how long depends on your settop player, quality of media and burn, and where it is in the movie. This topic is discussed all over the forums. Search for it.

There are only 3 tools you need: PgcEdit, Imgburn, and DvdReMake Pro.

  1. To rip, use PgcEdit’s PSL2 plugin 3-step wizard.
  2. To remove warnings, trailers, etc, use DvdReMake Pro. It combines both main functionalities of VobBlanker and PgcEdit in terms of editing video.
  3. To burn, use PgcEdit to create ISO using mkisofs burning engine. You’ll have the option to choose where to set the layer break at the cell boundary. PgcEdit tries to select the original layer break by default, if it is still present. If it is out of range, it will highlight the options for you to choose. When done, use Imgburn to burn.

But if you’re compressing, then layer break is not a concern.


Just to add to toaddub 's post. You can use DvdReMake to split cell(s) in the “middle”. This does not affect quality of the playback in any way and will give more options where to put layer break (it can be only on cells boundary) to programs preparing DL image.


These you should have dvdfabdecrypter, dvddecrypter, ImgBurn, Clonedvd and cd and finally anydvd.


@ whoisx3ro,

If you are looking for simplicity (which you mentioned in your initial posting), want to remove unwanted items like FBI Warnings, Audio Commentary Warnings, Trailers, Advertisements etc, retain Menus and obtained excellent outstanding results the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination is hard to beat.

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

Below is an AnyDVD-CloneDVD User Tutorial that provides detail information on the use of the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination.

Best Regards,

  1. DVD Decrypter in conjuction with AnyDVD (for newer ARccOS discs) is my preferred method. You’ll need to rip to files rather than an image if you intend to remove warnings and whatnot.

  2. DvdReMake Pro would be one of easier methods, you could also use VobBlanker and IfoEdit.

  3. ImgTool Classic to create an image, ImgBurn to burn to disc.

Although if you want perfect copies I’d recommend skipping the second part (removing annoyances) and simply ripping to ISO/CUE and burning from the CUE file and therefore preserving the layer break with dual layer media.


Thanks to everyone who’s posted thus far, I really appreciate all the suggestions.

I would like to copy double layer, but I’d also like to minimize any issues I might have with an edited double layer disc (removing FBI warnings, trailers and such) with freezing and what not.

Seems like you guys are saying removing those things and changing the layer break point could cause those issues I’m wanting to lessen.

What’s the best way of minimizing issues when editing DVDs and having to have a new layer break point?

@Mr. Horse – If I already have the VOBs ripped and whatnot, and edited, why use ImgTool to creat an image? instead of just burning the VOBs? Just curious.