Best small speakers that give off



I have been doing a lot of research on different forums trying to come up with the best solution for my situation, which is that I have a brick Garage and the “Bass” was causing a porblem with my Neighbors with even a little 12" 3-way speaker at top volume so I then tried Four 6x9 speakers in the ceiling, same problem so I am now looking at a “surround” system but I am told that the Sub will still cause a problem at high volume so I am thinking now of using 4 small speakers up on the wall that look like they are in between Satelite and Normal speakers.

I got that idea from seeing a lot of Busineses in my area that have 4 small speakers on the 4 corners of the room high up close to the ceiling facing downwards, you don’t hear any noise outside the room but they are very loud anywhere inside the room, those that I have seen are ok but I could use a little more Bass that waht they give out so I would like to get the smallest speakers like these that give off the most Bass but don’t know of any Brand/model that are NOT “Bose” as I can’t afford nothing that expensive, any ideas, guys?


try this

ive read that bose is overpriced crap
u can do better for your money buy buy other stuff that will sound much better
read the forum i found on hifi stuff it realy interesting and ull learn a lot about bose