Best small, portable MP3 player?

I’m going to be buying a small, portable MP3 player soon. I need something I can easily clip onto my belt so I can wear it while exercising (getting tired of bulky CD players that skip)

So, I’ve been over to to read reviews and that looks like an all day job in itself.

Does anyone have any recommendations, based on experience (meaning you are currently using the unit you are recommending), for one of these?

I wanted to keep the budget at about $150, or less and I’d like to get one that has a battery that can be changed by the user (I understand that this eliminates the iPod)

Any links to something you would recommend would be appreciated as I want to research whatever I buy before I buy it.

Anything that eliminates the iPod is a good start :smiley:

This is what I have

It works great and battery life is about 18-20 hours of use. I use a rechargeable battery. It comes with an elastic arm band. I have been using it for 2 years at the gym and it has held up well.

Well, this is the second time someone has recommended a SanDisk player. I had someone on another board recommend the 2 gig version. Looks like this may be the way to go.

Only thing, can you use regular headphone like you would use if you had a Sony Walkman regular CD player?

I’m not much on “ear buds”, so hopefully this unit has a standard jack for headphones.

The above link is for the Creative Muvo TX FM 1GB player. It will play both mp3 and wma files. It also has FM radio. It runs on 1 AAA battery. I use batteries I can recharge. You can just use Windows Explorer or plain ol drag and drop for transfering files. Or if you want you can use Windows Media or the software included to do all the above, plus move wma drm files to and from. When you turn off the player it will remember where you left off and restart from there. The unit can plug directly into a usb port with out the need for a cable. I like the fact that you can separate it and use it just like a USB flash drive. I’ve got 6 different mp3 players and like this one the best.

You might want to logon to to read a lot of reviews on this player or any other. Of course you can always google and review to your hearts content.


Oh yeah, its has voice recording to.

Can you use regular headphones on this one like you would use if you had a Sony Walkman regular CD player?

I picked up the sansa e280, it kicks ass, 8gigs and an awesome price/gb ratio. Currently people are working at getting Rockbox software to run on the unit, that will allow it to play anything. Its got many more features over the ipod, ie: FM radio, voice recorder, replacable battery, to name a few. I got it at amazon, it was 180 back then, now its 190. As with any player you’ll want to get better headphones, the originals are pretty cheap, just like ipods’.

just checked pricegrabber, and it looks like has it for 182 currently.

The SanDisk player can use standard headphones if equipped with the mini plug. My wife uses them on her SanDisk player with no problems.

The iRiver T10 is a good one too. A bit bulky, because it is using AA bateries, but it will play for 30 hours with a rechargable battery.
If you want a very small player consider the Samsung YP-U2, but it has an integrated battery.

BTW. I tend to prefer built in accumulators, because they make the device much smaller, and much less vulnerable to physical damage (no moving parts that could breake easily).