Best/Simplist way to copy DVD Movie Only

What is the best way to copy a DVD Movie. I only wish to copy the original movie, with the best soundtrack, and no subtitles or other audio languages, no special features, etc. Just the movie in english…no other “crap”.

Does the movie need to be compressed. I would prefer not to compress it if possible. Does a typical movie, without compression fit on a “normal” DVD (not dual layer) or does it normally need to be compressed?

Thanks for the help. Although I habe been around computers most of my life, this is a new task I would like to learn! :clap: :iagree: :clap:

This has probably been asked and answered numerous times, but I usually use DVD Shrink. If I encounter something that Shrink can’t handle alone (read: new copy protection scheme), then I’ll use whatever other tool does the job.

So using DVD Shrink, use “re-author”, then drag the main title across. Untick any streams that you don’t want. If what’s left won’t fit on a SL disc without shrinking it, but it’s close, you could trim a bit off the beginning and end (ie; don’t bother with the credits). But I generally shrink it (using deep analysis and AEC).

Using “just the movie” method will usually avoid having to shrink it, especially on movies made for people with short attention spans.

Google on DVD Shrink for more info.

Thanks. I have DVD Shrink and DVD Encrypter, and I am gonna give it a try later.

Also you can use CloneDvd with Anydvd.

Most DVD’s nowdays are made with Dual Layer Disc so use dvdshrink if you dont wanna pay for any software, its compression is greatly quality, at 55-60% should fit a film on a 4.7gb disc. Use ImgBurn to burn the film. All for free. :smiley: