Best settup for newbie ripper

Hey guys im kinda new to rippin and would like to purchase a new setup for ripping/burning DVD’s and software. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a setup that would be best to use. I am not looking for the absolute fastest setup but I am looking for the most reliable setup. Please help!!! PS also lookin for some suggestions on software to ripp DVDs and to burn already ripped DVDs

Use the search in this forum and do a search on ‘Divx’, ‘DVD’ and ‘Ripping’ you might find a lot of questions relating software at least.

Perhaps some links to information of hardware too…that I am not sure about. So the hardware question remains.

As for burning DVD rips…if you want to copy DVDs as DVD, there are a few DVD writers, but they are expensive and you have to make sure you get the right standard (doubt if you will be able to copy a double sided, dublle layered DVD though).

If you want to rip DVD to cmpressed format such as Divx and then burn the file to a CDR, you can use any burner available. No need to deal with subchannel data/audio, so for that purpose you can have any drive (lite-on for low budget and Plextor if you want the best)

If you want your CD-writer to be able to copy copy protected software, I would again have to point to our search engine, for that issue has been dealt with many many many times before.

As for you DVD reader…I believe Pioneer is good quality and good speed, or AOpen.

DVD reader: Pioneer/Toshiba
CD writer: Plextor/Yamaha