Best Settings

Hope someone can help…My goal is to backup DVD’s to iPhone format for the ultimate purpose of playback on an LCD TV.

I am accustomed to using DVD decrypter and Videora, but DVDFab seems to have less issues with newer movies.

Can someone please tell me the best settings for this, that will have equal/better end results to a movie purchased from iTunes?

I tried changing the iPhone default bitrate to 2048 and audio bitrate to 128, but something still seems a bit off with the finished movie.


You will have to compromise one or the other of your playback targets: files that look great on the TV will be much larger than they need to be to look good on the iPhone. These are subjective things you will have to decide for yourself. You should be able to make DVDFab and one of the iPod profiles look pretty good on both by approximating the settings you used on the other software. FYI, the iPod MPEG-4 profile has some color encoding problems that other users have reported in v6.0.2.2. Might want to wait for an update before encoding a bunch of movies.