Best settings for Red Alert2 and Yuris for Liteon24x?

Already checked and tried 2-3 of the settings from previous post on this board… none worked all produced coasters since my backup just keeps whirring round and doesnt get read, im 100% sure a Liteon 24x user has backed up Yuris or Red alert2.

thx in advance:)

what settings did you try?
try these
FES on
FES settings
3 read retries
error correction softwre
all other off

dont close… on
burn proof/ justlink on (if your writers supports it)
all else off

Well Red Alert 2 backup works 100% !

Just installed it:)

Just gotta make a working image of Yuris and im done:)

did you try the settings I suggested?

Im trying now…

I did your settings on Yuris revenge and at the beginning my liteon24x writer on clone cd is just whirring been doing that for a while and still says 0 percent read so not sure if clone cd is reading it properly.

but ill leave it on for a while:)

I find burning at the correct rated Cd-R speed too work alot better on Clone cd copies, RA2 worked perfect when burned back at the cds rated speed, but at anything too fast here and there it doesnt work.

But I already made 3 working RA2 copies, fully tested on each cd too:)

Yuris left to do, getting the hang of this at least:)

Took about 2 hours but it made the image…

Im trying off harddrive now, using Daemon tools too install from the image, so far so good.

Ill let u know if your settings worked for Yuris revenge soon:)

Thx oaky your settings worked 100% for Yuris revenge:)

I just made 2 backup copies and installed both of them fine.

Liteons kinda rule dont they:)

glad I could help

Took about 2 hours but it made the image
Yes it will if you read at 4x with any thing less than FW Rev. 5s07. My trials with the shipped FW were akin to teeth pulling whilst sitting on the engine of a F18 Hornet in a terminal dive…

Only older readers, particularly SCSI, & crappy media require a reading at 4x. Load up 5s07 or better and you won’t get time to crack a tinnie reading SecuROM or SD.