Best settings for movie only in BD Rebuilder



Hi, i’m new user, can i have the best configuration for use BD_REBUILDER for have only main movie with italian language and subtitle italian with the best quality.


[QUOTE=peris77;2687621]Hi, i’m new user, can i have the best configuration for use BD_REBUILDER for have only main movie with italian language and subtitle italian with the best quality.

Welcome peris77

Kerry56 has a good tutorial


But, the guide is ok for the new version of BD_REBUILDER?? Bacause in the new versione there are other voice in the setup menu and i not know what i must select or not select for the best quality only movie mode.


Peris77…this guide is showing a bit of age, simply because jdobbs keeps adding new bits into the program. But for the basic setup it should still be a good introduction.

In the Mode selection, you should pick Movie-Only Backup, unless you want a menu as well. Most people don’t want or need the menu when making a movie without extras, but jdobbs has added the Movie and Menus for those who do.

The Quick Play option is something in between. It keeps all significant playlists (above a certain size) but has no menu. This allows you to select extras by using your remote control on your player, but not through a menu within the encoded movie. You simply hit menu on your controller and cycle through the main movie and extras in that manner. I have never used this option.

In Setup you should select Italian as the main language and subtitle language.

To get the best quality encode, you should use a two pass encode. If you have a lot of time, use the encoder setting Highest (very slow). I personally use the High setting quite often instead and have been very pleased with the results. A one pass CRF encode should also be quite good. I use the CRF setting sometimes when I don’t need much compression to fit onto a single layer blu ray.


As I said I am only interested in the main movie with the only Italian.
To have but better video and audio quality possible, what are the settings you should choose? ABR and CFR, it is best if they are selected or deselected? Which of the two entries is important? At the moment I’m trying to decrypt a bluray with ABR two steps and it takes 60 hours to finish the job!!


Decrypt? BD Rebuilder has absolutely no decryption capabilities at all. You need to decrypt and rip your blu ray to the hard drive first, using something like AnyDVD HD or DVDFab.

Possibly you meant encode?

I wouldn’t use ABR. If you want to do a one pass encode use the CRF setting.
If you want highest precision on hitting the target size, do a two pass encode (which will take longer).

Speed of encoding is determined primarily by the speed of your computer and how many cores can be utilized by the X264 encoder. Though if you want the fastest encode, use the High Speed 25gb option (assuming you want a blu ray video output and not a mp4 or mkv file).

The last encode I did was compressing a 28gb movie to 22.3gb target. I was using a relatively slow encode (High setting, two pass) and it took 3hrs and 52 minutes to complete. This is using an i5 3570k Ivy Bridge processor at stock speed.


I did not understand a thing, ABR and CFR, what do they mean?
If I make two passes with ABR what changes?
I wonder if the same two passes with CFR, what changes?
To get the highest video quality should be set as ABR and CFR?
Wednesday I’ll let you know the features of my computer and tell me how best to approach you if you can.


BD Rebuilder is set up to do a one pass ABR or one pass CRF encode. You can’t do two passes with those settings. ABR is average bitrate per time, and isn’t very effective for using more bitrate where it needs to be applied. CRF is a superior method and refers to a constant rate factor. The default CRF setting is 20 in BD Rebuilder, though this can be changed to something like 18 or 19 (to produce higher quality) if you do not care about hitting an exact target size. But if you are trying to burn to single layer blu ray discs, this is not recommended.

If you want to do a two pass encode, do not select either ABR or CRF. In a two pass encode, the first pass is essentially an analysis of the material, where the encoder determines where and how to apply compression. The actual compression is applied during the second pass.

By the way, I’m going to move this discussion out of the guide and into the Video Editing forum.


Ok, then I encode only to burn the movie on bluray 25 gb.
So how do you think I should set ABR and CFR to have the best picture and sound quality possible?


To get the very best quality set it to Highest (Very slow) or High. Here is an example:

This will give you a two pass encode.

If you want a one pass encode set it to CRF. Like this:


If you want the HD audio left intact, put a check mark in the box in Settings–>Setup that says: Keep HD Audio for BD25/Alternate intact. This will leave the audio entirely as it is on the original blu ray.

This takes a lot of room however…4 or 5 gb sometimes, out of your 23 gb target size. If you don’t need the HD audio format, you’ll get better results in your video by reducing the size of the audio. Going to 448 kbs AC3 is what many people do, who are not picky about the audio reproduction.


So, for the best quality video, i must set Highest (very slow) and the two voice (one pass CRF and one pass ABR) must not have the flag. I understand you correctly?



Putting a check mark next to either the ABR or CRF line will change the encoder from a two pass to one pass encode.

The Highest setting will be very slow in comparison to all the other settings. I don’t use it, and I have a fairly fast machine.


Excuse me, but if I put the flag on ABR and CRF, the program will make one pass for each of the two voices. Right? In the case in which put the two flags to the two entries quality increases or decreases?


You cannot put a check mark next to both ABR and CRF. The program will not allow it.

You can choose one, or the other, but not both.

You really should just forget about ABR anyway. If there is one selection that needs to be removed, this is it.


So I should just put the check in CFR?
In this way I would have the best video quality, right?
Forgive me but my english is not the best.


If you want to save a little time and get a high quality encode, then yes, CRF is the way to go.

If you want a two pass encode with this same picture quality, use the High setting only (no CRF or ABR). The main advantage is better control over output size.

If you need the very best video quality, and highest precision in output size that BD Rebuilder can produce, use the Highest (Very Slow) setting and [B]don’t[/B] put a check mark next to CRF or ABR.


Ok, you may embed images step by step to set all the various items of BD_REBUILDER latest version to get the highest quality video in the creation of bluray 25GB keeping only the main movie only with a language and a single subtitle?


Good luck with that.

I’m afraid I haven’t the time to make you a custom guide. My advice is to jump in using what I’ve already told you. The best guide for you will be your own experience using the program.


I see, excuse me, what you think if i select two pass for ABR and CFR. And on Encoder settings i select HIGH QUALITY (DEFAULT). With this voice i have the best video quality or i must use HIGHEST (VERY SLOW). The difference of this two voice is great or is similar ?