Best search engine on the web?

Google does it for me, what about you?

why dont you make this a poll? :slight_smile:

cause i don’t know all the available search engines that are out there … :stuck_out_tongue:


is good (somehow…)

allright, pick one from Gil T’s post…
I don’t feel like making a poll

Google,google,google i just love to google but your right astalavista is perfect for the special searches. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have to agree with google also there image search seems to have also improved a lot…


Oops. Posted twice. Mod, please delete if possible :slight_smile:

Google, because you don’t have to wait for everything to load, like Yahoo and crap.

Otherwise, :stuck_out_tongue: (while we’re at it :p:p)

Mr McGoogle.