Best SD2 Settings

I have a Lite-ON 24X burner a LTD-163. I want to copy a SD2 disk. I have heard different reports on the best settings to use in Clone CD.

I need FES enabled but what options on that?
0 retries Hardware?
3 retries none?

Also can I do a direct burn and not copy to HD? How long apprx will it take to do a burn of a SD2 disk?

Hmm I’ve read a lot of reports on this drive (24102B) regarding SD2 settings. It seems the drive is rather slow with error correction hardware (doesn’t support software mode) so people use error correction none to speed things up. But then again error correction, none isn’t recommended although people seem to get working copies with it. As long as you check your log file for generated errors (they should only be in the first 10.500 sectors or so) I think you can set it to none. But keep in mind that above is based on the Lite-On 24102B as reader. If you’re going to use your Lite-On DVD I suggest you try some things out and see what works best. The default settings are recommended by Olli though.

As long as you keep your eye on the log like I said it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference which settings you use.

I find the default settings with Clone CD to be fine, and very fast.

I dont understand why people say that this drive is slow to rip SD2, mine rips very fast to an image.

I have a Liteon 24102B.