Best Scene In A Movie

The movie maybe poor but is there one scene that stands out above all else even better movies?

Maybe the movie is the best things since sliced bread and this one scene just tops it all off.

ONe of mine is the moment when Darth Vadar is born in EPIII. The first breath after the helmet is fitted always stands out and is makes that movie.

Whats yours?

I have many, however one that repeatedly comes to mind is a scene from the movie “Nothing To Lose”. The part where Tim Robbins jumps out of the car to get a large tarantula off of him and he starts jumping around while the song “I’m a scatman” is playing. It gets even better when his gasoline soaked shoes strike a match and he is jumping around with his shoes on fire.

In Shrek 3, when Pinocchio is trying to sneak out of the question “Where is Shrek and Fiona?”.

Many many many, but some i remember are:

  • “I’m a Golden God!” - Almost Famous
  • LeeLoo getting repaired - The Fifth Element
  • The Taxi vs. Rally car race - Taxi 2
  • The pointing statue - Amelie
  • Jumping over dogs by jumping to ceiling and two walls in the main living room - Yamakasi
  • The toilet scene - Trainspotting
  • Shooting the suicide jumper - Magnolia
  • Shooting the guy with the scimitar - Indiana Jones

My favorite scenes:

  • the final scene of Fight Club (with the exploding skyscrapers)
  • (almost) the end of Doctor Zhivago when he dies just before reaching the love of his life.
  • the scene in 25h Hour when Edward Norton is on his way to the prison and he imagines what would happen if he just escaped

Network, where Peter Finch is in the board room with Ned Beatty being educated about the role of business in the world.

that is an awesome scene…great movie…it seems like the 25th hour was kind of overlooked

Empire of the Sun - boy reaching for the zero with the sparks flying