Best scanning Lite-On Burner, SOHW-1693S to LH-20A1P



Choosing a liteon burner for DVD scanning. :bigsmile:

O.K., if we are set on buying a Lite-On burner mostly for PIPO scanning DVD media burned on another drive which of the following models might be the best choice:

  1. SOHW-1693S(MT1828E)
  2. SHW-1635S or SHW-165P6S(MT1888E)
  3. LH-20A1P(MT1898E)(just arrived this month here)

All of which are “findable” in shops near where I live. Assume prices are comparable.

  1. Are all changes and improvements in the different chipsets only connected with burning features?

  2. Were any changes or improvements made in the chipset as far as error correction reporting?

  3. In parallel, are most changes and improvements in Lite-On firmware only connected with burning features?

  4. Were any changes or improvements made in the firmware as far as error correction reporting?

  5. If no changes or improvements were ever made in error correction reporting(whether in the chipset or the firmware) for each successive version chipset–can it be said that all these models are equally acceptable for PIPO scanning?

  6. Or were other improvements(or bugs) introduced with each successive model which could affect the scanning ability of the drive?(optical pickup,auto-balancer spindle,counterweights, jitter, etc.)
    (I realize this may be a gross oversimplification of the entire reading/scanning process and many other factors may be involved.)

  7. Which of the models is both a reliable reader and gives the most “consistent” DVD media scans???(repeated scans of a disc at the same speed have similar characteristics, trends and give numbers that are within acceptable deviation while scans at different speeds of the same disc have similar characteristics but probably increasing numbers with increased scanning speeds–assume scanning DVDs from 4X speed and up.)

Owning the latest model is not an issue(Lite-On will make money no matter which model I choose.) :rolleyes: