Best scanner?



I just received my Samsung SH-S182M, but found out it doesn’t scan :frowning: . I would like to know what you guys think would be the best scanning/burner to go with it. Also then which would you use as the reader and which the writer? Thanks for all opinions.


Plextor and liteon drives are good choices. Plextor, however, are not exactly affordable :frowning:


BenQs have a few issues and are all but gone, so the logical choice remains Liteon. They do the job and are solid burners as well, with great forum support.


all samsung drives can do quality scan, but to use them with CD-DVD Speed you need to do a simple registry editing. With Kprobe you can use them with no problem. In my opinion Samsung drives are very good and reliable scanners.

To enable quality scan in CD-DVD go to start>run and type regedit. navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality
double click on Blocked on the right side and delete TSST and/or SAMSUNG from the list.


Thanky you very much for the info!!! I’ll just stick with the Sammy then


I did this and when I start up cd/dvd speed it puts it back in the list??? Now what?


What version of cdspeed are you using? I just did this recently using cdspeed ver 4.60 and it worked for me? Also, have you tried removing it, then exit and then go back into the registry before running cdspeed, to make sure the change is being saved right?


version, it will recognize the disk and do scan disc and show disc info, but will not do a quality scan. I did delete it from the blocked list and it’s not there anymore, but still won’t scan. Thanks for any help you can give me.


Could you post a scan or two from a disc scanned in the Samsung and the same disc scanned in a BenQ. As I am sure you are aware, many, many drives can be forced to scan but the results do not really tell you anything about the quality of the burn. The only way to determine if they are reliable or not is to compare multiple burns scanned on a Liteon.


The same disc scanned in two different drives won’t give you exactly the same result. The Samsung scan will most probably have more PIFs than the BenQ scan. The important thing is, how consistent the results are. As long as the same disc scanned multiple times in the same drive gives the same results everything is allright, IMHO. This way you can compare which discs/settings give you better results.

My Samsung is a good scanner :cool:


That is exactly why a comparison needs to be made so any problems in the Samsung scans can be quantified. I can scan with ROM drives and get something, but it is very hard to actually use the scan to measure anything. If some comparative scans get posted, we can see if the differences are proportional or not.

I am not being difficult here, I just want to see what the Samsung does before it can be suggested as a real scanning drive. When the people who write the scanning software leave a specific drive out of the registry, it is often because they don’t trust the scanning ability. They just may know more than we do.


That’s because the older Samsung models were using different chipsets (NEC, i think), but the current models have MediaTek chipsets (the same as LiteOn).

The Samsung is currently my only drive, so i can’t compare the scanning results, however in a review at they were comparing the SH-S182D’s scanning result with a LiteOn drive:

The results are not identical, but pretty close


This is the only scan that I have done on the samsung and my liteon so far but it looks pretty close to me. Its an mcc004 burned at 18x on the samsung (one of the few medias that will burn this good so far). Not only are the graphs similar, the error counts are pretty close too.

Fyi, on the original posters question, I just removed what others told me to and it worked. I’m not sure what it could be. I could try and email you a copy of cdspeed 4.60 if you cannot find a download for it (in case it is a version thing causing the problem), just pm me.


Thanks, glad to have the new information. Looks like the newer chipsets will do the job.


Hi :slight_smile:
Remove only one from list. In my case TSST is sufficient.(Samsung 182/183)
The CD/DVDSpeed version has had no effect on this.i.e Has worked on all.
It appears if too many entries are removed, it reverts back to default.
Hope this works for you.
(Tip - Your f/w will give a good indicator as to which to remove).


I scanned several disks on the samsung and I got the feeling the they were scanning properly. I gave the disks away so I cannot rescan them on my liteon, but after work tonight I’ll scan a couple more on both, just to confirm.


Now there is nothing in my blocked list, I reinstalled everything and my f/w is SB04, the most current one. I just can’t figure this one out.


Hi :slight_smile:
I know this doesn’t make sense. But if you delete all in blocked list, although it reads empty. It does in reality appear to revert to default settings.
You need to edit, replacing Plextor, Samsung etc in the blocked string. Just leave out TSST.


THANK YOU!!! That was all it needed, it works now. I just typed “replace lite-on” and it works. Thanks again for all the input guys, This site rocks!


Hi :slight_smile:
You’re welcome. :iagree: :bigsmile: :cool: