Best Scanner to get? (LITE-ON Drives)

I’ve got a Pioneer 111D, now what I’m looking for is a reliable and accurate drive just for scanning and doing DIsc Quality Tests.

I’ve been reading on here that LiteOn Drives are the best for this and most reliable…

Are all Liteon DVD Burners as reliable as the other, or is it just some LiteOn models that are reliable scanners???

The models I’m particulary interested is the SHM-165H6S, SHW-160H6S and the SHW-16H5S…How are these for scanning and using kProbe and Disc QUality tests with Nero ?

THanx for the help guys

Have a look in the following thread:

Good drive for scanning only

The LiteOn drives you mention are IMO equal in their scanning capabilities, but that doesn’t mean that two drives will give the exact same result when scanning a disc.

LiteOn DVD burners are not very useful for scanning CD media, but they are very good for scanning DVD media.