Best SATA DVD drives for DVD ripping?

I want to purchase a second drive for my new PC. I already have a great DVD-RW who work perfeclty, but I want to add a DVD-ROM or maybe a second DVD-RW for “1-step” DVD ripping. I think some drives can be patched to remove the kind of “speed limiter” when reading/ripping a DVD, right? I saw some discussion about LiteOn drives for that.

I’ve take a look on the LiteOn website and the actual DVD-ROM model seem to be DH-16D2P but I can’t find information about patching/cracking this drive. Maybe it’s too new on the market?

Which drive brand/model to you recommand for DVD ripping?

PS : I have no ATA ports into my computer, I need a SATA drive

Thanks! :smiley: