Best SATA DVD drive for DVD ripping

Hi all,

I have done a bit of reading on the forums on this topic and formed an opinion but decided to ask an open question as what people would recommend.

I need to buy a new SATA DVD burner. My priorities in the order listed are;

  1. Accurate CD ripping (conversion to FLAC)
  2. Quiet drive especially for playback
  3. Fast CD ripping.
  4. DVD/CD playback.
  5. DVD ripping
  6. Cost.

What would people recommend?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to CDF’s:

What is your location and what SATA drives are available to you there?

Have you ever thought about have a CD burner and a DVD burner?

If your not in the USA you could get a Plextor PX-760SA.

Thanks for he prompt reply.
I am from Australia, just about all brands are available, accept plextor which seems to be without a distributor now. But can always order from overseas if it is the best option. Asus, Lite-on, samsung, pioneer etc are available.
I am happy to go with a CD only drive if it is the best for the job, especially if Sata.

The Samsung SH-S203B SATA drive would probably work out ok for you. Some of the quality scans i’ve seen so far look really nice. I do not have one of these yet.

I have a LG H62L SATA drive which i like very well.

Thanks, are there any specific features that I should look for in a drive primarily for CD ripping (to wav then flac) ?

I ordered a Samsung SH-203B… From what I have seen (scans) and heard, it sounds liek a great drive. I also have an LG GSA-H62N and is does outstanding DVD+R burns… It sucks at burning CD-R’s… For that I use my Plextor PX-755SA or Pioneer DVR-212D (“D” is a US version)… The Pioneer is a decent drive based on your needs. Excellent CD-R reading and writing. I won’t comment on the Samsung until I get it installed.

Samsung SH-203B is blazin, ripping and burning