Best sata dvd burner

simple question, but i havnt been able to find a good response. that latest samsung looks nice but it isnt available anywhere. when is it coming to newegg?
anyways, what is the best drive at newegg right now?

The best two in my eyes are:

Pioneer DVR-212D
Samsung SH-S203B (sold currently at NewEgg as the SATA SH-S202B… a typo)

For DVD burning only, the LG GSA-H62N gets a nod.

For DVD-R, CD-R, and DVD+R DL burning, the Pioneer can’t be beat…

If you are burning to DVD+R and need bitsetting, go for the LG GSA-H62N or the Samsung SH-S203B… with an edge going to the Samsung for being a better reader and CD-R burner. The LG is marginal at best and has horrible firmware development support… still it is a good choice.

so is the SH-S202B for sure a SH-S203B but without the lightscribe? b/c i havnt seen anyone verify that yet. too bad it’s out of stock too…

It’s the one I ordered from NewEgg just last week… I can assure you it is the SH-S203B… SATA drive with none of that useless LightScribe non-sense.

k, thx. i’ll definatly get it then once it comes back in stock.
i could care less about lightscribe, you need to pay more just for the disks and my sharpie works just fine for me :slight_smile: