Best SATA DVD Burner don't need BD or HDDVD


Been a long time since I posted here! I must have a login on every tech forum on the interner by now!

Simple question (no doubt complex answer!)

Whats the best non-blueray SATA DVD multi burner, really only need CD-R and DVD-R burning, anything else that it does or is even good at is a bonus.

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Not so simple answer…the ones I would recommend have mostly disappeared from normal channels: Samsung SH-203B or SH-203N or the Pioneer 215.

More easily found alternative…maybe the Pioneer 216.

Edit: Forgot the Sony/Optiarc 7200s or 7201s drives as good choices.

For the most part, they will all perform equally well for the average user. They each have there pros and cons. If you use quality media, you shouldn’t have any issues with any of them.

Maximum PC has had good things to say about the Samsung 223Q burner.

Cool, decided to leave buying a burner for now! (Will wait for my PATA one to die) But the Sony 7200S are still for sale on Amazon UK if someone wants one (Kerry 56 recommended this via the chat app)