Best SATA Drive?

Hello I need a SATA drive upgrade to stop using my PATA ports!

I only really need CD-R and DVDR (- and +) but would like good model to last and the other formats if possible.

Which shops should choose/avoid? (know this is hard question!)

What is the best Media to use with drive cos will buy once my olds are used up.

Can you get a External SATA to USB box? I’ve only seen HDD size SATA boxes.

Thanks for advice

David McMahon

Are you wanting a sata dvd burner so that you can free up pata ports for pata hard drives that you already have? I would just get a pata controller card (they are pretty cheap). you can also convert your existing pata hard drives to sata with one of these.

though just getting a pata controller card would probably be cheaper for multiple drives.

Hi just wanted to get a straight SATA drive without adaptors etc! (Im trying to downsize my computer in preparation for my new computer in 6 months. Thankyou for the link as these adaptors are very useful.

Why don’t you just wait the 6 month as new drives and technologies will be different then what you will have in 6 months? As for the Burner I used Liteon and HP and Memorex but perfer Lite on as they are less noisy and have more firmware updated which is a plus to have now days. As for PATA they will work just fine I am even still using PATA as there is no need to go SATA cause they are still sorting out the standards and formats. Segate and WD are a good HDD to start out with. But as for good advice unless your doing server or high video editing or streaming media SATA you won’t see the benefits as much-unless your new motherboard has 6 or so SATA then go for it but as from my understanding of motherboard right now they still have PATA connectors which means SATA still has a way to go. True they use less power and have smaller cables but unless you are going computer mod hardcore or building brand new system from parts then I would go for a motherboard that has lots of SATA connectors but remember they will still have PATA connectors as well.

Can anyone recommend a good SATA DVD Writer? That’s all I want to know!