Best SATA burner? Plextor, Samsung...?



Hey guys!

I’m looking for the best s-ata burner.
Money doesn’t matter! Just the best quality dvd-burner. I only use TY 002 disk (DVD+R 8x)

I have been looking at these burners …
1) Plextor PX-760SA (going out of productions = slow firmware updates, right?
2) Samsung SH-S183A
3) LiteOn LH-2B1S


The LiteOn LH-2B1S is a BlueRay burner.
Are you looking for DVD or BlueRay?


OPS :doh: did’t see that.

[B]Only DVD burner I’m looking for[/B]!


The Lite-On LH-20A1S should be a SATA DVD-burner.


I would buy the Samsung SH-S183A for myself. But because I haven’t any of the above burners I cannot really recommend one of those. :slight_smile: I have a LG SATA DVD burner and I’m pretty happy with it.


Cool, a new burner from LiteOn again. And maybe I will try it a 3rd time. :slight_smile: Will they release a LightScribe version, too?


So the Plextor isn’t better …? As I said the price dosen’t matter!

In my country the plextor is twice as expensive, but is it twice as better then other sata burners?

Quick reply, of what. Im lost. I shall contact my shop by the end of the day, and say what I want.


I doubt that…


No doubt a Liteon 16A7S. Cost less, gives more than good burning quality.

You can get CD/DVD scanning, plus jitter report, and Codeking’s fast burn patch.
You may get the future upgrade opportunity to 18/20X models, but don’t anticipate too much.


Define the term “Best burner”…

Best burn? - with TY 002 (YUDEN000T02) almost all modern burners will handle it very well.
Best features? - Supports meaningful disc quality scan, overburning, overspeeding, etc
Best price?
Best S-ATA compatibilty? depends on your mobo’s controller
Best customer support (warranty)? 1 yr vs 2 yrs, firmware support

If price doesn’t matter and you’re only using YUDEN000T02, then I’d go with PX-760SA: meaningful disc quality scan for CD and DVD, overburning support, overspeeding, extra features (gigarec etc), 2 years warranty in some countries.

Second alternative is Lite-On drive (not sure if it’s available yet) but it will be lack of overburning and quality scan for CD media (DVD media is fine). Other good alternatives is Samsung and LG drive but the LG does not support disc quality scan.


The LiteOn is only a good alternative if you don’t plan to use it as a Video DVD reader. It’s a fast ripper but it cannot handle all pressed DVDs on the market. It does fail with a lot of scratch free dual layer discs. The newer LG and Samsung drives are much more reliable readers even if they are slower.