Best sand alone dvd player for backup disc?

As you might know some of the dvd backup cant be played on all of the stand alone player. I wanta ask if anyone know ehich brand/dvd player is the best for watching dvd backups thankz.

If your dvd-writer is capable of booktyping the used media as dvd-rom instead of dvd-r you shouldn’t get many problems on most standalone players. Cheaper players have built computer dvd drives which are more compatible with burned media.

I have a Pioneer 563a and it seems to play even marginal disks very well untill I get a utter crap burn :slight_smile: They are now discod and Best Buy and others probably have some left for much cheaper then when they first came out.
It also plays DVD AUDIO and SACD disks, and is progressive scan. Last time I looked at BB they had 1 left for 139, it’s probably cheaper now for left over demos and open box ones. The LiteOn lvd 2001 is also pretty good and plays all kinds of DIVX stuff and has a memory slot for cameras and MP3’s. Unfortunately it has been dropped also, though somebody might still have some or there might be a OEM type around. Go here and it’ll have things on all the players and what works

Pretty much 99% of new set top players out there now are good with burnt media.

On a side note:
Actually I would rather have a very picky player… that way I could be more sure that the discs will have close to universal compatibility.
For example, I burn 20 copies of my wedding video to share with the family. They all played fine on my elite new player… but to my horror they don’t play on 5 of my relatives players! I am shunned by my family and have to move to Alaska to hide my shame! Anyway, I think you get the point :stuck_out_tongue: