Best s939 deal yet :)

I know its outdated tech, but for those who already have ddr and don’t want to pay the ddr2 premium, this is awesome (glad I held out on all those other 939 deals :iagree: )

tiger direct combo deal:

black mid tower case
asus 939 mobo
500w ultra psu
s939 cooling fan
FX-60 woot!

total cost: $400!
shipping was ~$35 to SoCal (no tax)

currently the fx-60 is $515 at newegg

the mobo is an SiS chipset, but I’m selling everything but the CPU anyway :cool:

edit: forgot link :o

Nice, practically free case, mobo, psu, and fan. Just wondering how faster the FX-60 939 would run than the X2 4400+ in my PC. I’ll probably hold off for a C2D setup instead.

If only i had $400, it would beat the snot out of my 2.5 p4 :smiley:

Excellent price. I wonder if there’s a way I could get this and pilfer the FX-60 and put one of my Sempy 939s in it and sell it for a couple hundred bucks! :bigsmile:

thats what I’m doing with my old A64 :smiley:

my stuff was all shipped yesterday (from IL) and should be here monday :cool:
this is my first time ordering from tiger direct, and while it hasn’t been a [I]bad[/I] experience thus far, I wouldn’t call it great either. I guess I’ve just been spoiled by newegg, case in point; the tracking page at TD is a royal pain in teh arse! every time I access it I have to put in my order#, zip, and one of those scrambled verification codes, then once you get in its not all that organized. needless to say I’ll be a newegg whore forever (unless there is a killer deal somewhere else of course :bigsmile: )

Let us Know When you get it and some pics if possible.

yeah. wish i had the cash for this. would put that cpu in this pc and be good to go. aahh


Click on either the UPS or DHL logo in Tigerdirects shipment notification email - and it will take you right to the tracking site-eh!

sure thing :wink:

@ bigmike, the ups logo in the 2nd email they sent seems to be a broken link, but I did figure out that if I log in at TD instead of clicking the track shipment link in the 1st email I don’t have to go through all the verification bs :slight_smile:

Was somebody looking for a review of the FX-60?

From the benchmarks it looks like anything over an FX-55 is a waste for me as I mostly use business apps and surf the web. For ripping and transcoding though the dual cores make a pretty big difference.

Add video and audio cards, 2 gig ram, two DVD-rw drives, keyboard, optical mouse (I’m not into wireless components), 250 gig hd - and it’s about another $450?

its rediculous, from the advertising these days they make it sound like you need dual core if you are going to browse teh web and listen to mp3s at the same time :rolleyes: c’mon, I used to do that with a PII 233 and 32mb ram :rolleyes:

as for the fx-60, I can honestly say I will be using it to its full potential, and it will hopefully hold off my next CPU upgrade for at lest 2 years (thats the plan anyway :bigsmile: )

edit: @WP, I already have all that stuff, but what I’m probably going to do is get a 2Gb ram kit, then put my current gig along with my 3700 and a cheapie vid card, hdd, and burner in the barebones and sell it to a guy I know who needs a cheap pc

damn nice deal, do i buy this just for the fx-60 or save my cash up for quad core at the end of the year =( my 3800+ Dual-core is working fine for everything right now

came today and its up and running :cool:

the case it came with is fairly good too, nice and sturdy, and all the edges are rolled and smooth. I’m only waiting on the vid card to get my old cpu running in the barebonez

more pics coming as soon as I d/l my camera :wink:

The deal now offers additional $20 mail in rebate. For anyone considering this I recommend they contact [B]jwill427[/B] as he’s had some problems running the FX-60 at default voltage.

939 FX-60/Asus Barebones Kit $399.99 link:


Let’s start with our powerhouse AMD Athlon 64 FX60 CPU. Already an industry legend, this processor is specially made for gaming pros, engineers, animators and web masters. We’ve also packaged the perfect platform to complement the 64FX 60 – an Asus A8S-X SiS Socket 939 motherboard. The A8S-X supports CPUs with FSB up to 2000 MT/s FSB with Hyper-Transport Technology, PCI Express, Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0, SATA, and more. Plus, we’ve added the industry’s number one 500-watt power supply – the Ultra V-Series, along with the fast-cooling Ultra 2200 rpm X-Wind Copper Fan.

Of course, if you’re going to build a top gaming rig, you’ll need a great gaming case. That’s why we’ve selected our best-selling Ultra Xblaster Mid-Tower case, all dressed in black and ready to rumble! This ruggedly handsome chassis features 1mm thick high-grade steel, 10 drive bays and plenty of places to pack your powerful components.

I still have a 466 MHz celeron that gets used everyday and it does most of what is needed without problem. Its only if people are silly enuff to go to Vista that they will need dual core to surf :slight_smile:

My Asus is still my main use where it does every thing fine, but I have moved encoding and most video work over to the new RDX200 where so far at stock and 225 FSB speeds its encodes like a rocket. It did a low’ish quality mpeg at over 300 fps !

But my encode speeds are often 75~85 fps, I would jump at the FX60 if I could get it on its own at that sort of price over here, I have a single Optron 146 it could replace.
But even so it could be a base for a very good and cheap computer for someone. IMO the 939 tech is still very good and for the money and you can do very well with it for the money, in fact the only thing AM2 has over 939 id DDR2 and TBH that is not much, apart from costing more.

thanks for updating the thread Dr. M :slight_smile:
I think the problems with stock volts was caused by my mobo slightly undervolting the chip(assuming cpu-z reports voltage accurately), CPU-Z would fluctuate between 1.344v and 1.33, so I set the voltage to +25mv and now it fluctuates between 1.355 and 1.374 and its been stable for over a week now running close to 24/7 @ 100% CPU load

here’s the pic I promised 2 weeks ago :o

AM2 has Virtualisation technology also, aka VMware & running & switching between Linux and Windows on the fly has no performance penalty.

S939 will take a 5-15% (no-ones actually quite sure) speed penalty when running two simulataneous OS’s.

I’m not sure what to make of CPU-Z. I’ve compared it to Gigabyte’s Easy Tune 5 and Easy Tune always shows the voltage as being a little higher than CPU-Z. A couple of other apps I’ve tried are Core Temp and Speed Fan. CPU-Z always seems slightly different. Oh well, a plus 25mv isn’t enough to stress that CPU anyway and it sounds like it’s running stable under full load.

It’s time to try some overclocking isn’t it? A week is plenty of time to break in the ol’ Arctic Silver. C’mon and cowboy up. Let’s see some results. :wink:

@ Lenny,
Yes, I think they are making a mistake by phasing out the S 939 too soon. I just made the upgrade from a Socket A Athlon XP 2600+ (266 FSB version) and if the CPU and board makers keep making such frequent socket changes I’m just as likely to keep these 939’s going for several years as well. Gone are the days of the piecemeal upgrade.