Best s/w -joining video

which is the best s/w for joining videos…
i have some rock vidoes which are of diff types i.e avi ,mpg etc.each are about 5/6 mins long…aboutt 14/15 shd fit in a 80 min cd for a continous play
so which s/w is best to do this … do they need to be of same type,same bit rates,sampling rates whatever…
do they need to be of same type i.e 352 X 240 ,640x480 etc…or are minor adjust ments possible…?

To be able to watch them on your TV you nedd to convert them all to the one format , ie. VCD or SVCD.

As your probably after more of the Audio qualioty than Video quality, then I would suggest VCD as you can fit 79min worth onto an 80min CDR.

Have a read in the Tutorial section on how to convert them all to the one format.

Hey …CM,i prolly didnt explain right…
im aware and have been burnng vcds form avis for a long time now…(must say ur guide on avi-vcd is one of the best iv ever seen.had referrd to it around 2 months back…but the guide on sorting out a/v sync probs could need a few additions perhaps??)

ok…if have diff mpg files with
1-diff sizes say…640X 480,320 X 240
2-diff rates-64…192 k etc.
3-diff bits…16 ,24 etc
and have audio encoded diff

a-will some s/w be able to convert all above to same.and merge as 1 mpg .so i can burn as vcd??
b-will TMPenc be able to do it
c-or will i have to convert hem individaully??painful…

I would first of all try Nero in VCD Non-compliant mode to burn them all. Nero will let you have mixed NTSC and PAL mpegs on the one CD so cant see why it would not let you have any other non-complaint mpegs.

If that doesnt work, then TMPGEnc is the tool to use but you will have to do each separately as there is no whay you can join all those different types of mpg to one file first.

1-'non compliant mode’whers that ??do i hav to unclick-create std complaint Cd…?
2-In TMP…each seperatly …meaning wat…i thought to join all… we have to dump all toegthr in TMP…
3-out of all the factors id mentioned above .while on ly the size ie 320X240 etc important…and other factors to be ignored …like bit rate etc,??