Best Ritek disc to go with? And black bottoms of discs?

I’m looking at and I have never used any Ritek media before. They have all different kinds of dvd-r’s. I usually just go with Verbatim. Whats the best kind of Ritek media to use? I’m thinking of going with Ritek 4x DVD-R (second listed on the list) Also, I was told by somebody it is a cheaper way to make them and therefore they will not last as long. Is this true? thank you.

anyone at all?

ID RITEKG04 (the second)
its a good choice

any idea about the color of the bottom vs quality?

last time

Hi ya

what black bottom. The bottom is purple.

The datawrite they list as Tayio Yuden are interesting but i doubt they are TY’s at .32p per disc. If they are i’d buy up quite a few at that price , but when someting seems too good to be true it usually is. I stand to be corrected but i highly doubt that they are TY’s

Again , if you want the BEST quality , buy Tayio Yuden and as i say IF they re TY’s , buy them.