Best ripping and burning DVDR or DVDRW

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First off, I did read this topic posted here
However, the last post there was 4 weeks ago and overall the thread is rather uninformative.

Now to the point:
I want to get 2 DVD drives - one “best” ripper (doesn’t matter if it can burn or not) and one “best” burner.
The ripper has to be able to deal with most game/video/audio protections out there and make accurate rips of those fairly fast (unless it’s absolutely necessary for it to be slow… in which case it better be amazing :P), and hopefully pass the 3-sheep test. I am not sure if a ripper can be amazing for both CDs and DVDs. (Can it?) If it can’t, then what’s a good CD-ripper with the same qualities?
Respectively, the burner has to be able to burn both protected and unprotected discs like magic, that can be played back on most other DVD drives.
Also, it doesn’t matter if the firmware for a certain drive has to be modified for it to be really good. Performance is what matters most.

Any recommendations?
(If this has been answered somewhere else, then sorry - I tried searching; may be you could point me to it).

Hopefully this topic will be helpful to many others.

This question is tossed often, and can be searched here recursively…problem there is no “all in one drive”. A good mix for general use may be a liteon dvd-rom for ripping and a benq1640/165* oe nec for burning…dvd’s…but not as good games or cd-a…It really depends on what you want to do…

Clear as mud?

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Yeah, it’s pretty clear… just like mud. hehe

Which lite-on did you mean?

Mainly I’d like to make 1-1 copies of movies and games, possibly some of the later ones like Dom 3/Q4 or F.E..R. (well, and whatever else I feel like ripping before them).

This unit was recomended to me, for ripping movies…not sure how it will do games. Different features for different protections and such…:slight_smile:

Good luck.:slight_smile:

What about game ripping? … I could fit a 3rd drive >_> lol
Also, that lite-on doesn’t seem to have dual-layer support. Is that relevant right now? (Are there many DL dvd’s out there?)

the drive is a dvd-rom…it will read dvd-9 (dual layer pressed dvd). you need only be concerned dual layer for a burner…:slight_smile:

There are channels about game ripping and such here…read up and learn…lots of resources in this library…:slight_smile:

Well, after lengthy consideration I think I’ll go with E616A… may be.
What about burners then? Which ones are better than others? (Especially in terms of burning SecuROM/Safedisc protected stuff)