Best ripper

Last week I was going to make a copy of “El Mariachi” to take to my shop. I have the original, but I was in a hurry, so I made a copy of the copy. Surprisingly, I could not rip it with my Pioneer 115L. I then tried my test PC, which has a Samsung SH-202N, and a BENQ 164B. No dice. My HTPC has a BENQ 1655. Still no joy. My shop PC has a Samsung SH-202J. No deal. So I went to my pile of players at my test area. My Plextor 716A’s did not do it. Finally, my Plextor 760A did it. I tried them using XP Pro SP3, Vista Ultimate, and Win 7 Ultimate. Both 32 and 64 Bit in all instances. Needless to say. I will keep this disc for a tester forever. I will also keep the Plextor 760A. :doh::confused::confused:My question is, which current ATA burner does a good job of ripping? The disc play fine in all aforementioned players, but when I try to burn a copy, it stops and gives a read error message. I did clean all lasers too (just to be sure). Otherwise, they all work fine. Is there an SATA burner that works as good as ATA yet?

Why rip a copy? Theres no encryption on a copy, so just copy it with ImgBurn or other software.

The reason I say rip is because whenever you make a copy, the source movie is first copied to the hard drive, then the blank is inserted to make the copy. Reading the source is ripping. Like I said, playing the DVD is no problem with all of my drives and OS, just reading that one to make the copy is only accomplished with one player. Even if you use two players and do a disc to disc, the source must be read(which is the same as rip). A lot of discs can be played, but not read for copying. when they get old and scratched. I tried Image Burn, Ones, DVD Fab Platinum, and 1 Click. All give the same result when trying to copy. Read error. But they play in the window of the program fine.

Well excuse me. Apparently your definition of ‘Rip’ is different than most of the other folks on this forum. You’ve seem to have a bad disk. Next time you might try ISO Puzzle or ISO Buster to read the disk.

You are correct. I do not know what rip means. I thought that rip meant just copying the disc to the hard drive. When burning, the disc gets copied(ripped) to the hard drive anyway, then to a blank disc. I have the original, so I do not need to use ISO Buster, which I do have and do use when I need it. I simply was asking if any burners out there now will read as good as my Plextor 760A. All of my other burrners work great and have good reviews so I am comparing them and I am going to use that disc as a basis of comparison from now on. I can burn a copy of this movie from the original with any of my burners and they will then copy the copies with no problem. I just find it curious that only one of my burners will copy that one partidular disc. What the disc condition or brand is, is immaterial. Obviously all burners are not created equal. I do not have a SATA burner because I want to wait for one that is as good as the best ATA burners. All of my PC’s except two have SATA ports on them.