Best Ripper?



I’ve been using EAC for years, but recently had trouble backing up a CDS-100 protected purchase. By covering the fake TOC with a permanent marker, I got around the Macrovision crap. But I don’t want to do that again.

I’ve heard Plextor drives are great for finding a disc’s actual TOC, but I don’t have a Plextor drive right now.

I’m wondering if anyone has a ripper that is able to bypass all the false TOC trickery? I’ve read that it is possible for a ripper to create its own TOC for a disc by analyzing genuine track data. I’ve read that the db powerAmp developer was considering an “emulation” switch, whereby his ripper would pretend to be a plain shelf top CD player and interpolate out all the C2 errors that screw up PCs and Macs.

Anyway, what’s the best ripper? Error correction is my paramount concern, followed by the ability to rip anything, no matter what Macrovision or Sony or anyone else wants to do to stop it.

My sincere thanks to anyone who can spare a minute to help me out.