Best Ripper drive unavailible? Aopen 1648/AAP 91.4ED37.474



I’ve been around these forums since i got my first ND-2510. I’m now currently using an ND-3500AG, loving it.

but i am doing an upgrade to my system and would like to get a dedicated ripping drive.

does anyone know where to get the AOpen 1648/AAP Pro chameleon 91.4ED37.474 for around $30 shipped from a good reseller?

is the 1648 still considered the best ripper availible?

any help/opinions GREATLY appreciated



is the 1648 still considered the best ripper availible?
I heard it’s a good ripper but not the fastest.

According to this thread: Dare! Fastest DVD DL rip speed, the fastest rippers are:
BenQ 1640 – 15.61x (COdeKing)
Lite-On 1213S@1653S - 14.85x (Code65536)
BenQ 1620 – 14.73x (zevia)

AOpen 1648/AAP – 14.65x


But in the DVD-ROM arena, the AOpen is the title-holder…

1st: AOpen 1648/AAP at 14.65x
2nd: LiteOn 16P9S at 14.01x


Just thought I’d ask, what is the point of a dedicated ripper drive? Any burner can do it just fine…


Super Edit:

you all are quick! okay, so the AOpen is still top dog ripper…now, where do i find one of these puppies (chameleon style) at a decent price? everyone i found via Froogle is out.


shrug It was useful back in the day of 8x burners when no burner could top out 12x reading. :stuck_out_tongue: Back then, a cheap DVD-ROM was also a lot cheaper than a burner. Nowadays, an inexpensive DVD-ROM like the 16P9S is only half the price of a burner, so the price difference isn’t as big as before.

Personally, I’d rather wear out a ripper. I’ve already done that to one of my ripping-only drives–I used it on literally hundreds of CDs and DVDs over the course of a couple of years, and now it’s not as healthy as it used to be. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh, yea, that’d be one reason to want a DVD-ROM.

zevia’s post lists DVD-burners so they’re not pure rippers. My post lists DVD-ROMs, so they are.


nods thanx code64436

the other reason is that ive found out that NEC burners are awesome…burners…but TERRIBLE readers.

anyway, my searches have proven fruitless…every major online retailer i know about is out of these things…anyone know where i can still get them?




The drive’s out of production, so you’ll have to get it second-hand like ebay as zevia suggested. Or you could go for another drive.




The hacked 109 is a very fast reader! Beats the Plex 716 by a hair and a half! The Plex 716 and Pio 109 hacked do all my reading. Burning with the 3500, 109, and 716 are king.
PS/for the money the Aopen 1616 is a great reader!


isn’t the 109 a burner?


Yes! Of course! Some burners are very fast readers!


I guess you missed the point then…i was in need of a DVD-Rom drive, not a burner…fast ripper or not, it can not be a burner if one wishes to use backups of SafeDisc protected stuff


Sorry I can’t help! But I believe the 1616 may help you in the safe disk area! Anyone have info on the 1616 and safe disk?



Pioneer DVD-Roms are seriously good rippers. The DVD-121 is not the fastest drive around but it reads some scratched discs that none of my other drives can. I don’t know how the A-Open drive performs with scratched discs.


that would be a good thing to find out…how the 1648 does with scratched discs…

i noticed in the link ept provided that the 1608 wouldn’t play safedisc 3.1…i’ve read elsewhere that, if you use a pure reader, that properly made backups of safedisc 3.1 WILL work…that’s my goal…a ripper that will do REALLY WELL with the most stuff (ps2, dvd-DL, safedisc, etc)

thanx for all the info so far guys!


Liteon drives seem to be really good for copying games. I don’t know much about this so maybe you should do a search. The SOHD-16P9S seems to be one that does scanning as well. Also the SOHC-5232K combo drive should be good for copying games and is quite fast with ripping with patched firmware. I have one that just died but it doesn’t read through the scratched discs that the poineer did.