Best ripper: 52246 burner or 166 DVD reader?

Any thoughts on which one is the best and most accurate audio ripper? Not concerned about speed.


Well, I don’t have those specific models, but I can tell you what I’ve seen from the ones I do have (LTR32123S and LTD163). On a disk that is in good shape, they’re about equal. If the disk is marginal or damaged, the burner does a better job ripping. Of course, I always use EAC in secure mode.

They both do DAE fairly well, but both are not equal at their reading skills. I ran a test on a 78min audio CDR, using CDDAE with verify and “read twice” selected.

max speed = 48x
Total time = 4:34
errors = 0

max speed = 45x
total time = 4:48
errors = 19289

The 166s had trouble reading the last 2 tracks and slowed for reading and verifying. There are no C2 errors on the disc when checking with the 52x drive and KProbe.

Yeah, I believe that, in general, DVD drives have more problems reading damaged disks than do regular CD drives or Burners. So, if you have both types (like me), you can use the DVD drive to read and you should not have problems in most cases. If the disk is scratched or otherwise in questionable condition, rip it with the burner.

I use EAC, like I said, so I rip with the DVD and create the image file on the hard drive, then EAC kicks on the burner and burns the copy. Minimal disk shuffling that way. If the DVD drive seems to be having trouble and bogging down, I’ll abort the rip and switch to the burner for both ripping and burning. That does not happen very often, though. In the case of a disk in good shape, the DVD drive will rip it a bit quicker than the burner. It’s sure nicer to have copies of your CDs in high hazard locations (like your car or office) than your originals. Fair use!!!