Best rip speed from dvd burner?

so what dvd burner should I get for the best rip speed?
I’d also love a burner that has a great writing as well, so I’m willing to compromise a little, but what are my options right now?


A lot

You’re welcome

Seriously: you don’t even do a little amount of research but just register to get someone to recommend you a nice writer? You even forget to jot down some of your computer specs and operating system. Get a grip.

IMO get a Liteon or a Plextor.

LiteOn :smiley:

Liteon with RS firmware.

Smartypants :bigsmile:…but I can add to that: the OP will void his/her warranty by using it :wink:

I know. :o :o
BenQ 1655 is also a good ripper! (If you can find one) :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, the moment I fit my new Litey, warranty goes out the window, and the RS firmware goes on :bigsmile:

Re: BenQ…hmmm, never tried any of mine for ripping. Might give it a go. :slight_smile: