Best/reliable media for liteon dvd burner


just a general question …having just recently purchased a liteon DVD burner(1693s) i read all the compatable disks to use but what do the ‘users’ recommend?.. im using ritek at the moment being they are a reasonable price.
just would like some personal opinions please.

Ritek can be crap sometime. I get very good result with MCC03, MCC04 … which are not more expensive than most Ritek.

oh ok …thanks for that. i might give them a go.
thanks again.

yes ritek are very hit and miss with the drive, i have tested many CMC mag.AE1 which are the datawrite titanium 8x and get good results

Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden media perform very well on these drives and many others.

I get the best results with TY 8x+R, YUDEN000T02, around $37 per 100 delivered.

PIF totals under 250 and PIE totals under 30,000.

i’m getting excellent result with mcc, ty, and ricojpn. Some ricojon are made in Taiwan i think


thanks very much for all your feed back …much appreciated will give them a go.
with the ritek, im losing quite alot to coasters.
thanks again.