Best recording device to make backup ps2,psx and saturn and few pc

hello everybody, i’m searching a recording device (dvd burner with double layer if possible) that’s the best to make backups of protected games.

I have another question, are all dvd burners have all the best options of the best cd burners ? (burn proof, DAO mode, etc…)

Ask about specific situations. Your question is too broad. (For which there are already “sticky” FAQ thrads and reviews.)

The old Plextor 712A did well in backing up some games. Safedisc version 3 and higher are still a problem for most DVD burners. You should should get a separate DVD burner if you want to backup games.

A separate dvd burner?
I don’t understand. A cdrom burner and a dvdrom burner you would say?

Yes, DVD and CD burners.