Best recordable blank disc,16x



hey all hows it going?i have an i/o magic 16x dvd burner and i am wondering which blank dvds would be the best for my burner?if anybody has an answer i would greatly appreciate it.any suggestions are very welcome.thanx LESCB19


Your iomagic driver could be one of several drives (a benq or a btc etc). I cannot remember how to identify them. Is thier anything on the drives lable that gives a hint?
As far as media, I think that most would agree that verbatium is about your best bet for what is commonly avalable. Not sure about it specifically for your drive though (as we do not know exactlly what it is yet.


Its A Benq Drive


Only burned MCC 16x on my 1620 so far. Results so far have been good. Currently working my way through a batch of 8x TYs which also burn at 16x.


what are MCC16x please explain,thanx


Verbatim 16x are MCC03 .


Verbatim Is What I Planned On Trying Next.ive Had Some Success With The Memorex,but Lately I Havent Been Able To Burn Anything.thanx