Best rebaged 1655

I just had an email exchange with BenQ America and it looks like there will not be a beige 1655 (OEM or retail).

So what is the best/cheapest beige rebadge out there? If I flash it with the latest benQ firmware do I end up with the same as a BenQ branded drive? What software would I be missing?


i have two i/o magic (rebadged benq 1655). both only came in beige. i had to ask for the black faceplate. as to your other questions, look around the forum. plenty of information about crossflashing. good luck with purchase.

cmisenko How do you know if the I/O Magic Drive is benq DW1655 or a lite on Drive? I think I/O Magic use both Benq and Lite on for they drive, is there some way to make sure it is benq Dw1655?

mentor I believe there is no way to tell without opening the box. If the box reads 8X DL then your about 50 - 50 a Benq but the bottom of the I/O Magic box is just cross flap so you can pull apart and if you see vent holes on the side or just take out as I did at Staples and read sticker on top. Then you can put back together as simply and folding flaps back together.

My Staples I/O Magic drive was also a beige 1655. How did you get the black faceplate?

I went to circuit city yesterday and the I/O magic drives they had were magicspin drives :eek: . I’m going to try a different store today.

If the benq 1655 rebag is crossflashed will I end up with a working OEM 1655??

Thanks, :bow:


Yes, mine and many others here worked just fine after crosflash. It is a 1655 now and all extra functions and scan speed work like the retail unit :bigsmile:

Just checked the other curcuit city, they had about 24 units. I checked about 10 before they asked me what the h&ll I was doing and made me stop. The where all magicspin.


i don’t think there’s a sure way to tell if its benq or liteon, you can always return it tho. but i must say i really was never partial to liteon’s (as burners). used them for rippin/kprobe. but these 1635s that i have burn the +r stuff (ty-t02, mcc04,mcc03) just a tad off what the 1655’s can do. the second tier media the 1655 handles better. but if u can get the litey for cheap (it was just $15.00 -$25.00) last week, you won’t be disappointed. as for the faceplates. just email you’ll have to give them model #, store receipt, and some other crap(i forget). now my 1655 faceplates didn;t have the lightscribe logo. its the same as the 1640 faceplate. but at least its black.

The I/O Magic IDVD16DLS I bought for $80 at Staples yesterday appears to be a retail beige DW1655. Nero 6.6 OEM Suite is the included software. The drive itself has the original BenQ DW1655 label attached however the firmware is GCAB. I had no problem x-flashing it to BCDB with BQ Flasher. Everything works fine including lightscribe.

Why did pay $80 for repackage when you could of bought the genuine retail version of BenQ 1655 from newegg for $59.99 which so many of us still think this price also to much to pay for and wait for price to come down?.

I had a $30 Staples “rewards” coupon that was about ready to expire. I purchased the drive and paid $10 extra for a 2 year no questions asked walk-in exchange warranty. So my out-of-pocket cost was around $60 and I’ll have an $80 store credit if and when the time comes to say goodbye to the 1655.

That works!

LOL! Only CD-Freakers would do this!

That is very smart move and good deal.

Ya know, they talked me into the warranty too. I kinda figured as much as I like to try the next great toy and change things around maybe next drive will be free. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I started buying their extended warranty a few years ago when I purchased an Epson R300 printer. It crapped out after about a year so I brought it in for a replacement. The store manager looked at the warranty but amazingly let me swap out the printer and keep the warranty. Another year passed and the 2nd R300 started to die. This time they processed the warranty and gave me a gift card which I used for a new R320. They were more than happy to sell me an extended warranty for the R320 so now I’m good to go for another 2 years. I don’t know how they end up making any money on these deals. Maybe they just send the returns back to the vendor for credit. Works for me! :smiley: