Best reason to go for Taiyo Yuden media in your opinion?



What is the best reason to go for Taiyo Yuden media in you opinion?

Just curious which reply (among the less silly ones) will be the most widely chosen (if any). :slight_smile:


Reliability - TY(G02) actually work well in all my writers - including my 1653. Whether it’s databackup or movie they are easily read by all drives i tried so far :smiley:


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Forgot to add “compatibility with different drives” to the poll!!!
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because quite simply they are the best and its been proven time and time again, might aswell spend a little more on TY than buying crap and having to spend more money (and time) having to re-burn everything 2 years or even a year or a few months down the line, Verbatim is a close second, most Ricoh media has proven great aswell, but most other media is a gamble not worth taking imho (cough***ritek) i wouldnt trust my important data to anything but those 3 brands, TY being the favoured brand ofcourse


I checked PIE/PIF scans and consistency. I hope the point about longevity is true. I certainly wouldn’t want to bet on any other normal media


:cop: The answers in the poll are not statements…


I voted - both 1)scans and 2)consistency. Longevity claims are nice, and so far nobody’s upset, but let’s just say I get all funny in my tummy when I hear claims about ANY product lasting for 100 years.


:bigsmile: Same here LOL

Actually, can anyone point to a source where this “100 years” claim is actually voiced by TY themselves? All similar claims I find are from resellers only…


Man, those TYs are mighty fine motorcycles… :stuck_out_tongue:


Where is the “All of above the” Option? J/K.:stuck_out_tongue: This media has the most constistant(good) results from Drive to Drive for me with both +R and -R.


Thanks to the mod who added the compatibility item :flower:
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It’s a multi-option poll… you could have checked all positive items :wink: - too late :bigsmile: