Best Reality Show on TV?

My favorite is Rockstar Supernova, basically a better version of American Idol (good music and real talent). Project Runway is pretty good. The new Survivor should be entertaining…a pretty bold idea with different races competing against each other. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) is hilarious (not a typical reality show, but technically it falls in this category). For those of you who have no idea what MXC is (the only show I mentioned that is not aired primetime…check out this clip on ifilm:

Anyway these are my favorites…what else are people watching?

Discovery Channel - HOW IT’S MADE is what that channel should be all about.

Much to my surprise, of all the so called “reality” shows, I prefer Dancing With The Stars and to some extent, The Amazing Race.

Survivor changes the rules and does tricks and stuff and I don’t like that. American Idol is at times very embarrassing and I really don’t like the panel or the host. I don’t like those “find a spouse” type of shows - they are debasing and embarrasing too, I think. Those shows that exploit weak willed or emotionally unstable people just aren’t that fun to watch, at least for me. I don’t enjoy seeing people humiliated on the screen.

I find I don’t watch nearly as much TV as I used to. I’ve gone towards Audiobooks instead. A lot of stuff on TV is just flat out garbage, and it’s disappointing to see that.

I think Wife Swap is funny :slight_smile:

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The only reality show I’ve ever watched mort than one time was Ozzy’s. I liked that! :slight_smile:

Do not watch them

Paul senior in American Chopper is pretty real. How are they “reality” if they are all made up? I suppose Survivorman is as real as it gets - the dude doesnt even have the crew around.

I like Amazing Race and to some extent the Big Brother and Survivor type shows. I’m not gonna sit glued to the t.v. every week though

I also like “The Contender” I think that’s probably actually my favorite

He sure can be a total jerk. He even went totally off on Mikey for being late after he was dealing with some rennovation issues at his house. That totally made me mad. He’s such a selfish, bossy hypocrite at times. I don’t know how his kids put up with him. Junior could quit and start his own shop no problem, I feel. He needs someone to help keep him on task, but someone could do so much more respectfully.

Flava of Luv…LOL…That show is insane.

The only reality show I can watch night after night is the news, all the rest are pants in comparison.

The only one i watch is the X Factor.
I hate Big Brother and shows like that.

X Factor, I forgot about that - yep, both me and my mum watch it :slight_smile:

Reality shows can be somewhat entertaining, but being the ol’ cynic I am think that people LOVE drama…just as long as they don’t get involved in it.

Supernova ftw

does anyone know where I can download any of the songs from X Factor 2006?

Project Runway. You get to see Heidi klum every episode. What’s better than that.

I’m all into Heidi Klum…but I love the models on America’s Next Top Model. Oh I also like laguna beach. haha

There are a few worth watching, but not all. The one I think is the best idea of the lot is “The Biggest Loser,” as those folks really get a personal education. The trainers are super (especially Bob–he motivates everyone!) and you (at least I do) feel the people’s struggle with the weight. Their judgment with eliminating players is several times questionable, but as the series goes, it really does an interesting ‘spin’ on losing weight. :iagree: :bigsmile:

top chef, project runway, biggest loser

The Biggest Loser, haven’t seen that since the first series…good show.

I found myself watching “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” recently. I really enjoy all the Fear Factor-type trials they have to go through :bigsmile: