Best Reader

I know this has prolly been asked a thousand times, so sorry in advance.

Anyways I have a liteon LTR-32123S writer and a Toshiba SD-M1502. Generally speaking for SD 2.8 and Securom 4.X which should be the reader that I should be using?

You should try to use the search option first. There has been written a lot about Safedisc 2.8 and Securom new. There is a special Lite-On forum and you can use Toshiba as a search item as well.
Good luck ! :slight_smile:

Generally speaking:

SafeDisc reading: both will do (although one drive may be faster than the other).
SecuRom/SubChannel reading: Toshiba (Lite-On has problems with newer SecuRom versions found on for instance Warcraft 3 and Neverwinter Nights).