Best reader/ripper/scanner/writer combo

Many people have been asking on the forums for the best ripper and it seems that the choice is the AOpen 1648 or possibly the Benq 1620 with this new “ripper” firmware. Of course there are many good rippers/readers besides these. Most people have there favorite burners and I was just wondering what people thought was the best all around two drive combination. In chosing be sure to consider copy protection, esp. games, including SafeDisk (4.x and 3.x) if you have experience with these. It seems like a relevant question as lately the general populace seems to be opting for 2 drives. I realize few people will be able to answer this question but your answers would be greatly appreciated.

going by your criteria of just two drives I woud opt for a BenQ 1620 with speed hacked firmware and a Plexwriter Premium. I have three optical drives in my own system. AOpen 1648\AAP, BenQ 1620, and a PlexWriter premium. My other two systems are dual drive setups AOpen 1648\AAP and Plextor 712A and AOpen 1648\AAP and Plextor 708A.