Best Reader/Ripper for DVDs and CDs



I have an Asus DRW-1608P3S which I use for burns, and I am interested in getting another drive to go with it that is an excellent reader/ripper of dvds and audio cds. I have been leaning towards one of these drives:

Lite-on SHM-165P6S

BenQ DW-1640 (generic from CompUSA)

Samsung SH-182D

What would be the best of these three, or are there better drives to consider. Again, this drive would be primarily used for reading/ripping dvds and cds, so burning ability is not a big issue, only ripping.




I’d suggest Lite-on for reading/ripping


If you can live with 8x reading speed for DL media, the Samsung would be a great choice. But the Lite-On may be just as good.
For reading purposes i wouldn’t choose the DW-1640. Although it is an excelent drive, it’s error correction for scratched discs is inferior to the two other drives mentioned.


I used to use my BenQ 1620 but i now switch between my BenQ 1655 and my Lite-On 20A1P. Sometimes i use my LG H42N. I haven’t used my Sammy S813L for much ripping as it’s locked to 12X i believe.


I’d probably try the Samsung, followed by either the Liteon or Benq. I don’t have the Samsung but I’ve heard it’s a good ripper. I have the Liteon and Benq and they are decent, similar in ripping ability. The Benq 1670 is great for damaged/poor discs but it sucks as an everyday ripper (slow, has erratic behavior and slowdowns, etc.).


The Samsung’s a brilliant reader, but the Litey is faster. Although I’ve not had any problems yet with that same model Litey, and I use it mainly as a ripping drive.

I’d say similar to Scoobie, try the Sammy first, then if the speed bothers you, try the Litey.


I want a drive to check out the quality of the discs. Is LITEON DW1670 good for this job?If not could you propose any?


BenQ 1650 or 1655 or Lite-On 20A1P. Do you need LightScribe (not to make it more confusing)?


No lightscribe!The BenQ are dvd rom??I want to be dvdrw. LH-18A1H(I know that has ls) is better than the other liteon?


The BenQ’s i listed are CD/DVD writers. 1650 is without LS. Lite-On 20A1P has no LS either and is a CD/DVD writer also.

The BenQ’s are 16X writers and the Lite-on is a 20X writer.

What are your needs exactly?


I bought LG H42N but I cant test the quality of my dvds in that…I need a drive to do this thing.


I have BenQ 1655 and the Lite-On 20A1P for scanning. I also have BenQ 1620 and 1640 models but they are hard to find. You will have to see what’s available in your area or online where you live.

I have the LG H42N and it’s a great burner.

I know nothing about the LITEON DW1670 you listed.


The BenQ 1650T and BenQ 1650V are DVD-ROM Readers while the BenQ DW1650 is a DVD Writer. I think that’s the reason for this confusion.

If someone mentions a “1650” on this forum they will 99% of the time mean a DW1650.


Thanks Drage. Yes i may have confused OP.


So between LITEON DW1670 and LITEON LH-18A1H which is better scanner?