Best Reader for SafeDisc 3?

Quick question - I’m trying to make a copy of Doom 3 (SD 3.20) with Alcohol 120%, and was wondering which of my two drives - Plextor 716A (DVD writer) or Asus 5232AS to use for reading. For writing it’s best to use the Asus (the Plextor won’t work) but how about for reading?


By reading, do you mean for making the image or for playing the back-up copy?

I think he means for making the image.

I would say, the ASUS.

Yes, I meant for making the image, sorry. I would have thought the Plextor is the drive to use for playing the backup, the Asus won’t read its own copies.

Yep, read with the Asus, play with the Plex (unless, of course, you’ve got a Litey dvd that you haven’t mentioned :wink: ).

Read image with Lite-On/ASUS, then burn and play with PlexWriter Premium.

Ben :slight_smile:

Cantab doesn’t have a plex premium Ben; he has a plex dvd writer. Look at his first post.

Just play from the dvd unit then.

Thanks for the replies guys. For some reason my Asus won’t write working copies of SafeDisc games. When I wrote the image with my old Toshiba DVD burner, it worked just fine.
So I think that, currently, the combination of a Plextor Premium (can burn SecuROM 4/5) and a Toshiba/LiteOn DVD writer (for everything else) would be the perfect 2-drive combination. Do you agree?

I think the best combination is…

Securom >4.80 Plextor Premium :iagree:
Safedisc 3 and 4 Plextor 8/20 SCSI :iagree:

My litty can write and read both SR 5.x and SD 4.x. Only bad thing is that I need to hide ATIP.


shouldn’t be a problem with new SecuROM versions:)

Really? What method do you use for SR 5 and do you know if the newer Liteys also can do this?

I think it’s a hit and mis with the new drives.