Best read- & game-drive ; could a moderator make a poll with the best?

And could we specify whether a burner or a reader-/rom-drive ?!

At least I would suggest AOpen 1648/AAP ® , BenQ DW822A (B) and DW1620A (B), though I also read positive things about the LiteOns .

Are Plextor drives good readers / gamedrives ?

You’re looking for a good drive for playing games?

Exactly !!! The best actually … :cool:

Maybe I should have looked for a “gamefreak-club” , but I think good reading from the drive is a precondition to play , right ? :bigsmile:

Could We / You make a poll about drives ? :confused:

Every drive is good for playing PC games, I never had any problems. Some drives have trouble playing SafeDisc titles.

I have been following certain forums of CDfreaks for some time as I own a Plextor Premium and I think I will be very carefull in my choice of words not to get banned …

Kalas , You say :

“Every drive is good for playing PC games, I never had any problems .”

I must reply :

“Well , good for You ! But I have seen elsewhere that some people recommend LiteOn 165 ® , 166 ® or 167 ® for best reading , though others swear to 1648/AAP ® , BenQ DW822A (B) and DW1620A (B) . How come they even discuss which drive reads/spins/vibrates etc. OK ?” :slight_smile:


The Plextor I have , has only bin used for CD-creation since I read once (before joining CDfreaks) that only a Premium could manage safedisc 2.8 - but I don’t wan’t to use this excellent recorder for playing games . And I have no knowledge of the Plextor CD-ROM / DVD-ROM-drives , so I am still curious .

But if You Kalas were willing then with Your drive-list above , we could also put up a poll of the worst drives for reading , playing etc. !!! :bigsmile:

Maybe I didn’t get the point of your question :confused:, you’re locking for a drive just for playing games, backing up protected software, ripping dvds…

Well , yes and no !

I want a cool , quiet , reliable , fast , precise and motherf…-good-reader to supplement my Plextor Premium .
I think I’ll make a poll myself …
Has anybody got suggestions for a good drive they like to see in the upcoming poll of the best game- & rip-unit ???

I’ll probably make one with the worst unit too , kalas , as You’ve already mentioned :

Safedisc has noted problems with these CD drives.
Make: Sanyo CRD-256P
Make: Acer CD-624a
Make: Memorex CD-RW2224
Make: Yamaha 2216E; 4416SX; CDR6416S-VK
Make: Cybermedia 204 Pan International
Make: Liteon 4265
Make: Matshita_CR-581-B
Make: PlexCombo 20/10/40-12A (PX-320A)
Make: Philips CDD2000
Make: LG GDR-8161B

And Liteon 52327S …

• Matshita UJDA710 DVD/CD-RW - this drive (common in many new laptops) sets a flag whenever a gold disc is used but does not reset, causing Safedisc to reject a valid CD. Cold booting the computer will reset this flag.

• Sanyo CRD-256P, Firmware 1.01 - The drive enters a not ready state after several executions of a protected game. Ejecting the CD restores it. This is unlikely to be seen, unless the game is reloaded several times in one session.

• Sony CDU77E 2X, Firmware 1.0e - The early 1.0 firmware versions of this drive fail with SafeDisc if configured as a slave on the IDE bus. The drive will work if reconfigured as a master.

• Acer CD-624a - This drive fails when used with read mode drivers. Installing protected mode drivers resolves the problem.

• Memorex CD-RW2224 24X, Firmware 2.27 - You may experience problems with these drives. There are no known solutions.

• Yamaha 2216E, 4416SX, CDR641S-VK - If you experience problems with these drives, check the firmware upgrade available from the Yamaha Web site <>

• Cybermedia 204 Pan International 204 - You may experience problems with these drives. There are no known solutions.

• Liteon 4265 - You may experience problems with this drive appearing to hang and not authenticate. There are no known solutions.

There’s bound to be more examples !!!

Oh , and for those having trouble playing , in example with their backup of Jurassic Park (or even the original !) I can deeply recommend POWERSTRIP by ENTECH which You might have to fiddle a bit with - and remember to load it into the tray and click the game from Powerstrips menu - but it sure does the trick !

PowerStrip for controlling Your monitors in games and more

According to this I would suggest getting a Toshiba SD-M1712 or versions below (1612, 1502, 1402, …). I’m using a SD-M1712 Fw J004 (RPC1+48x), in my opinion it’s the ‘perfect combination’ with my Plextor Premium.

Is that a CD or DVD-drive ?
I can’t find anything on our nations pricelist , except SD M1802 ! (DVD-drive)

I own the 1402, 1502, 1612 and 1712 and they are all good DVD-ROMs (quiet , reliable , fast , precise). I don’t have any personal experience with the SD-M1802, but according to another member of this board called Razor1982 the 1802 is also a very good drive. So if you can’t find any older model and the price seems to be ok, I would give it a try :).