Best Rapper



Who is the best Rapper all times.


I’d loved to say 2pac, but i prefer dr dre more


i added dr dre as well on the list :wink:


Rap is crap.


i thought it once 2


Edited a typo :wink:


none of you have any taste;
LL Cool J has the best message in his texts,
and also Outkast SUCKS!


Eminem is the Best…
Great Poll men, i think Eminem is the winner. :):slight_smile:


where the fook is Chuck D, dont forget the old skool! I’ve yet to hear a rapper better than chuck for lyrics and vocal style

(For those few youngsters that dont know, Chuck D is front man 4 Public Enemy)


I’m rapper then wie ook :wink:


ps ruff your stats don’t match anymore, your not anylonger the #1 Forum Poster :wink: in case you didn’t know :wink:


2pac and the notorious big where the best and the real deal same for the wutang clan real thugs not the fake one`s that imetate them!!

Eminem is just like a cartoon put fun to listen to not to taken serious…
Dr Dre great rapper and producer…

LL cool j good rapper to als down from almost the 1ste hour(yeah im oldskool to)
The others on the list : WHAHAHHA they sucks!!


Dr DRE rulez :slight_smile:


There are a lot of people which like rap on this board.
I put my vote to 2PAC. It was a great rapper, and his music simply kicks ass.

I went to the concert of EMIN3M in Holland, I was standing at the 1st row. I was about 1 - 2 metres away from him. It was really a great evening…

That’s all for me @ this time.
Smell ya later…


Ok first of let me start by saying Dr Dre is over the hill. If u have listened to anything other than the beats on 2001 u would know Dre hasnt the abillity to make dope rhymes. Still Dre wast written by Jay-Z so nothing of it came from Dre himself. Besides he appears so little on the record that I dont understand why it havent become a compilation.

Well enough about Dre.

If I had to choose one of the MC’s up there it would be 2Pac because of the depth of his rhymes and so on…

But I didnt choose any of 'em. Like Skunk said Chuck D is definately one of the all time greats. Other MC’s more worthy of being on that pole are Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Atmosphere, Inverted Monk and so on. Although there aint anything wrong with the MC’s listed above they dont even come close to the heart and soul of those MC’s less exposed.

Its the underground u will find the really phat MC’s not in the pop-charts!


You guys cant be from the US, theres no way in the world that any of those rappers flow better then B I G or Tupac. EMINEM? hes cool but how can he out rank B I G or Tupac, the only reason they are making money in the game are because the other 2 arent around.


eminem is fuck
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Originally posted by mac-daddy
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Eminem Rulez…


I think Emi is one of tha best.

If u listen to his songs, u hear there is more behind his songs. there is a third unknown part, witch you have to discover yourself. A lot of rappers use this, but Eminem is one of tha greatest in this performance.

His songs are GREAT, there is no other word for this.

But everyone has to vote for hisself…:wink:

C A All guys.


IM not saying eminem isnt good but how can he surpass 2 pac and biggie impossable, Eminem doesnt get much votes here, and this is where Hip - Hop was born. NEW YORK. Again I like Eminem , Dre hasnt done shit in years. But no way in hell they would ever be better then 2 pac and B I G.


Where’s KRS-One?