Best Ram for 2 Slots

Do I put 2 x1gb or 1x 1gb + 1x 2gb (given windows xp 32 does not recognise 4gb) I have a cheapo Asus 128mb vga card. Pentium 4 3.0 processor. Thanks.

Getting 2x2GB is probably better. The price difference should be fairly small (assuming you’re using DDR2), depending on your exact computer configuration, you’ll probably be able to use some of the additional GB, and, depending on your motherboard, you would be able to get some performance boost from using dual channel.

If you instead have DDR (AKA DDR1), I expect it would make more sense to get a new computer. If you have rambus ram (which you probably don’t) it would almost certainly be a better idea to get a new computer.