Best Radeon 9800 brand?

I would like to buy a Radeon 9800 (NOT Pro) and possibly oc’ it to 9800 Pro using firmware. Which is the best Radeon 9800 brand? I know that not all 9800 can be upgraded to 9800 Pro, but anyway which is the most trustable brand?

Hercules got the cards with the best package (coolers, fan heatsinks)

Yeah, but their 9800SE graphics card has an internal TV tuner which will decrease performance and raise the price.

I dont think that the 9800SE can be modded to the 9800 Pro.

Just thought I would throw that in there.

I was originally thinking of doing the same thing, but I did not want to void the warranty of the card by modding the BIOS or overclocking it. I eventually found the card in my sig, Visiontek Xtasy 9800 Pro 128MB, on eBay. It did not meet the reserve, so I emailed the seller and he sold it to me for $250 + $15 S&H. The card was 2 months old and was retail bought from CompUSA. He never registered it, so I was able to register and get the FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY that ALL Visiontek cards come with.

All in all, I would look around ALOT before buying the card. I was lucky enough to find a GREAT deal, as that card retail for $400 and I didnt have to void the warranty by overclocking or modding!!

Good luck!

P.S. - I have also heard that Hercules has the best package but they are always more expensive. :slight_smile:

Just wondering…what video card do you currently have?? You may want to upgrade your CPU before anything else, as that may hold you back.